Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Traces of People

Throughout the time we were exploring the space, we kept finding traces of people which had obviously been left there over the years (how many we still don't know). This collection of random objects gave us something to think about, making it easier to imagine what this space was previously used for.

Workman's glove

One reasonably new Hi-Top trainer. 

The new and old, cared for and abandoned.

An old fire bell - this give the impression that at some point someone cared enough for whatever building stood in this spot to pay attention to fire safety. Now this area has absolutely nothing valuable to look after.

Brick face

A painting over the canal of what we can only image to be the type of worker that would have, at one point, worked in this area when it was still in use.

We decided to play around with the photo's and give them a more rustic, pinhole effect. . . 

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