Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Though we really liked most of the ideas from the test piece, however found the scale to be a bit small, and the cardboard to look really scruffy. We found four pieces of 100cm by 50cm pieces of clear plastic, and created a box out of them, layering the bottom layer with tinfoil to represent the river and the reflections which would come off it.

 We printed out the majority of our edited photos, as we wanted to recreate the space as effectively as possible. We then mounted them onto foam board and cut them out using a scalpel. We concentrated on the reflections, as they are upside-down back to front images of the objects we were photographing, and it is the image you would see if it was actually a pinhole camera room .

 The plastic sheets we used as the side of the box were very reflective, and we really like the way it gives the box a very rounded feel. We also played around with reflection, as you can see with the two bridge cut outs and the back of the box.

We really enjoyed working together, and were so pleased that all of our themes and ideas managed to come together when we were creating our final piece. We are still really interested in creating a pinhole camera room, and if we have the right materials and room in the next two years, it is something we would both be very enthusiastic in making.

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