Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Cottingley Fairies - The Proof That The Photos Captured Fairies.

This is a video from youtube, showing a modern day reaction to the pictures.

There are some quotes which we found particularly interesting:
  • 4:06 - today looking at these, its very hard to believe why anybody believed it
  • 4.15 - she was very ashamed of it, ashamed of deception
  • 4.49 - in those days the camera couldn't lie
  • 7.15 - we might be looking at the only known photograph of real faries
The uncertainty of this photograph even in this modern day shows how there is still a tiny piece of everyone who wants to believe. By keeping this in mind when creating our own drawings and photographs, it may be possible to create images which are believable - even if its only for a few seconds.

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