Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Exploring the Space

Last week we went down to our abandoned space again to explore the area more, and see if they're were any clues why this space, very close to the city centre, has such an eerie and derelict feel about it. These are some photos we took on an SLR camera, which gave some idea about the feeling of abandonment down there.

A section of tiled floor completely abandoned in a semi-demolished area.

A room of what we think was a house at some point. 

Half a glass window of what we think was the bathroom to a house.

Bricks slowly crumbling into a heaped pile on the floor.

What looked like an old toilet chain still hanging in a half demolished building. 

Derelict boiler building - it still had four walls and a door, but the roof was missing allowing nature to take over.

Section of tiled floor left to crumble after what we can only imagine a rushed demolish job. 

This doorway was situated behind a wall, and when we tried to look closer we heard running water and what sounded like someone having a shower. There was definitely movement from somewhere in the building, but it was too freaky to go investigate more.

As these photos show, there are is almost too much to work with in this area - it is not only the bridge which is abandoned, but the perimeter around it also is abandoned for not obvious reason. We were really intrigued by the random areas of tiled floor, which gave the impression the buildings had been knocked down in such a rush they had not been done properly. 

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