Thursday, 5 May 2011

Abandoned Space

YAY! we have finally found out final space. It is a blocked off bridge on the canal which runs through Leeds.

As you can see from this image taken from Google Maps, the bridge joins two unused spaces on either side of the river. The top side is blocked off with large concrete slabs, however it is possible to get onto the bridge as its metal design has spaces easily big enough for a person to crawl through. The bridge itself is in pretty bad condition - there are several holes in the floor which look right down to the water, however the steel frame work of it seems to be very secure, which makes one think that the bridge could still be in working order if the floor was redone. 

There are many different signs of abandonment on the bridge - decay, deterioration of the floor, rust on the steel, graffiti on the cement. However it is also possible to see that at one point this bridge would have been frequently used, which makes us wonder why it is now abandoned. 

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